Spread the word


Women who attend our programs and who use our resources often ask “how can I help Inside Out grow?”. This page outlines the simple nuts and bolts of ways you can turn other women on to the Inside Out community. In no particular order.

When people begin to see a difference in YOU as you walk this path with us, please share the love.

Refer a friend

A large portion of women who find their way to our website, our newsletter, and our events come from the suggestion of women who already know and love us. Send any women our way who are wanting a kick ass career. We’d love to champion their dreams. You can even email us with their information and we will do the heavy lifting.

Give us a shout out

Email us a testimonial of your experience of attending at Inside Out event. Include a few words about what was alive for you before you came to our event, what you learned and experienced at our event, and what life looks like today.

Stay connected on social

We do our best to keep our community resourced through our Facebook group (join us!), our Instagram feed, and LinkedIn. These are great ways to be reminded of your brilliance throughout the week.

@ Your Organization

Extend an introduction

We have designed and facilitated dozens of one-day and multi-day events for employee resource groups (ERGs) within companies and through partnerships with organizations that serve women. Extend an introduction to the event leads at these organizations. We welcome new partnerships.

Note that our work here includes mixed gender audiences.

Highlight Inside Out in social channels

If your organization has a women @ group, facebook group, or other way to share resources, spread the word about our upcoming events or the resources that you find most impactful for you. Email us and we are happy to draft a blurb to make this easy for you.