Alumni Spotlight: Brilliance in Action


Meet Nisha Shah.

Nisha is an inspiring alumni who is taking responsibility for her world. Nisha has recently stepped into a big new role (read more below). We are spotlighting her because 1) she plays many roles inside and outside of the office and 2) like many of our hundreds of Inside Out alumni, she made a big pivot with the confidence gained in our programs.

What professional win are you celebrating since attending Inside Out's weekend event?

I took on a role as Chief of Staff for a new company. It is a more senior role AND it is in a new industry.

What recent challenge did you overcome?

I had to make a ton of shifts.

I had to change my personal routine around childcare

I had to define my own role since chief of staff roles are a new concept

I had to build new relationships and trust with colleagues

I had to 'choose' to be a leader and pave my path

I had to call on my inner badass to step up to the challenge

I had to navigate and tame my fear of failure

I had to make bold moves in asking for what I wanted

I had to be willing to take what I deserved

What is important to you now?

There is a lot to learn in working through uncomfortable and challenging experiences. Knowing your values helps. I stayed true to what I wanted. I didn't let my inner critic stop me from being bold even when I wasn't sure if I was right OR worried about being judged.

I'm really excited about the opportunities that exist within this organization, what it will provide, and the relationships I will gain.

What are your top 3 values right now?

  1. Deep connections

  2. Storytelling

  3. Adventure

What is one piece of advice you want to give to other women?

Build relationships with people who support your vision and values. They will be critical in helping you achieve your purpose.

Alicia Jabbar