Three Easy Tips for Hitting the Reset Button


Gina here reporting from family vacation down south before heading to New Orleans (for the very first time!).  Bring on the music and dive bars. 

Ok, I promise the purpose of this video is not to spark vacation envy.  Quite the opposite.  It's meant to give you a few ideas for hitting the pause button in your own life - right now - regardless of vacation proximity. 

I mean, heck, I'm ON vacation, and I STILL find myself needing to take a quick pause (love you, fam ;)

It's a treat to message y'all from the road.  Enjoy!

If you're wanting a more intentional reset, curated by someone else (us) to make it easy on YOU, join us on May 18th-19th in San Francisco. This is our last weekend intensive of the year!!

Gina and Alicia

PS.  We can hardly believe it but next weekend will be the SIXTH time we've delivered our flagship program (woot woot!).  Here's what past attendees had to say about it:

“This [weekend] was one of the top investments I have made in myself and I anticipate much success to occur in my life as a product of the skills, knowledge, and support I received." 

"I'm leaving feeling confident that I can design the life and career that I want"

"I loved the weekend... I left with a real commitment to action, knowing much more about myself."

Gina Restani