Your wisdom is a lot like Benjamin Button.


Hi! Alicia here. 

Remember the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? The story of a baby boy born with the appearance of an old man. Your wisdom is a lot like that. It is wise when you are a little one. Before the world bombarded you with messages about who you should be or what you should do. Before the world quieted you in tiny but powerful ways.

That little one has something to offer you.

We graduated a new group of alumni from our flagship program on Sunday. One woman's favorite part: “I spoke to 3rd grade me. She helped me rediscover my power, strength and presence.” Exactly. We are applauding that 3rd grade wisdom too.

This is one of many tools we offer women to help them build their confidence. You have a little girl inside of you whose voice you can amplify by visiting her today.

How to find her? What does she have to say?

  1. Think of a challenge you are facing right now. Something you are waitingto overcome before you feel really good about yourself. Or that you are tying your worth to in some way. Hold that in your mind and heart.

  2. Find a picture of yourself as a kid. If you need to sift through a storage box or reach out to a family member to find one, do it.  Pick one where you’re a bit beyond baby-stage where you can see your personality shine through.

  3. Sit down with her with her and answer the following questions:

  • What about this picture stands out for you?

  • What does this version of yourself reveal about you?

  • What does this little one want for you?

  • What advice does she have? 

Trust what comes up. Thank her for seeing you. Set a date to revisit her when you feel challenged. She is always there for you.

Alicia & Gina

PS...that is my little me. She wants me to dance like no one is watching.

Alicia Jabbar