Alumni Spotlight: Brilliance in Action

Meet Hazel Quiatchon.

Hazel is one of hundreds of Inside Out alumni making a BIG impact in her world.



What professional win are you celebrating since attending Inside Out's weekend event?

I received the Professional Businesswomen of California’s Industry Leader Award in April of this year. I was recognized by my company for building a successful women’s leadership program for women in my organization (in partnership with Inside Out). 70% of the women in the first cohort have since been promoted. The 2nd cohort launches in July! 

What recent challenge did you overcome?

A challenge I had to overcome was advocating internally for the merits of a women’s leadership program. I solicited support from allies who helped me influence the organization to fund the program.

What is important to you now?

Allies, mentors, and partners. I learned that I already have what it takes to make the impossible happen and having this added support will help make my ideas come to fruition. 

What are your top 3 values right now?

  1. Ownership

  2. Growth

  3. Network

Strong women that come together make the impossible things happen.

What is one piece of advice you want to give to other women?

I would encourage women to start with a strong and clear understanding of their strengths. Then find others who can help amplify these strengths. People who will provide feedback - positive and constructive - that will help your strengths be visible and recognized.

Alicia Jabbar