Unlock your confidence in 4 simple steps


Hi! Gina here.

One of the joys of running Inside Out is that we learn a TON from the women we work with. In talking to groups of women over the last year about what kinds of challenges they face, we've noticed a few recurring themes.  The biggest challenge we hear about, BY FAR, is confidence. Alicia and I have been exploring different ways to move the needle here. In truth, we've had an EXHAUSTIVE amount of conversations around how to do this in a simple and accessible way.  We've been tinkering for a few months to create something that's EASY and FREE to all.  We wanted to share it with you first. We'd love to know what you think!  Email us or chime in on our Facebook group page.

Grab the 4-step guide to build your confidence here
Shine on,

Alicia and Gina

Gina Restani