Tired of making and breaking new years resolutions?


Hi! Alicia here.

I sat down yesterday to complete an annual reflection that I do in some flavor every year. Except this year was different. In previous years, I found myself stunned upon completing my reflection. How could this much have happened in a year when day by day I felt like I was moving at a snail's pace. Accomplishing nothing. When there is so much I want to do, it can feel like nothing is ever getting done.

I needed a more realistic way to view my own evolution. So this year, I opted to have a monthly reflection practice. It was a bit like throwing myself a little celebratory party at the close of each month. And I didn’t record only the things I did, but I included how I honored my intention for the year, which Gina wrote about last month.

My intention in 2018 was to learn from others.
I set it using a simple process that we are sharing with you today. I looked at the things I wanted to do in 2018 and asked myself what I would need to develop in myself to hit those goals. Who would I need to become?

To co-create Inside Out with Gina, I knew I would need to learn from others. To not have all the answers. To continually highlight the things I learn from others so I could trust the unfolding of our creation.

I learned a lot. From Gina. From clients. From friends. From academics. From my fiancé. 

And most of all, from you.

As a thank you, you can follow our step-by-step guide for setting your own intentions. Grab it here. 

Shine on,

Alicia and Gina

Alicia Jabbar