The best advice I got this year


I don't know about you but this time of year always calls forth in me a quieting.  I'm struck by the paradox that in the midst of all the holiday chaos and end of year cramming, there is a simultaneous, cellular-level-urge to sloooowww downnnn.  'Tis the season for reflection and completion.  
2018 was a big one for me.  I left my full time tech job, launched a business, co-launched a second business (lookin' at you Inside Out!), adopted the best dog ever, and got engaged.  It's been a year full of beginnings.  And as is true of most new adventures, there have been both significant wins and setbacks.
Right after I started working for myself, I went through a rough patch.  I had been plotting my self-employment for three years.  I could not wait to be my own boss.  When it finally happened, I was shocked to find myself feeling pretty... lost.  The lack of structure, isolation, and general sense of overwhelm was challenging for me to get used to.  Enter my dear friend and fellow lady boss, Courtney Smith Kramer, who shared a brilliant piece of advice:
"Plan for intention, not outcome." 
Mic. Drop. 
So often, we get caught up in what things are supposed to look and feel like only to discover that IRL, they aren't at all what we expected.  Just because something doesn't go as planned does not mean we're doing it wrong or even, necessarily, that we've failed.  It's why a couple years back, I stopped setting New Year’s Resolutions for myself.  With resolutions, success is tied to outcome.  You either do it or you don't, win or lose, fail or succeed - a frustrating cycle of absolutes.  Nowadays I set New Year’s Intentions.  With intentions, there's room for discovery, possibility, and... surprise.  My advice: go wild with intention.  Set one for the New Year, for your career, for your romantic partnerships, for your day.  The possibilities are endless.
Shine on,
Gina and Alicia

Gina Restani