Do you want to be heard? I do.


Greetings Wonderful Ones, 
Gina here. 

Can you believe the midterms are upon us!? Crazy.  I'm just about to walk out the door to cast my vote at my local polling place - a neighbor's garage. I live in the Portola District of San Francisco where, I'm proud to say, I'm surrounded by a diverse local community in terms of ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status.  I always elect to vote in person and not just because I get a sticker (although I do LOVE that part).  I do it because it feels good.  As I check my boxes in a garage full of strangers, I get this satisfying feeling of pride and delight.  It's kind of a funny thing, really.  Or is it?  We all want to be heard.  That's one reliable thing that we have in common.  So, even if my neighbors are checking different boxes than me behind those rickety old curtains, we're still taking a stand for something as a collective - having a voice and using it.  

Use that voice of yours today and everyday, wonderful ones. 

Shine on,

Gina Restani