Chose your perspective. Stand in your power.


Hi! Alicia here.

Giving thanks. Most of us take one intentional day to remind ourselves of all the reasons to be thankful. Every year, this holiday reminds us to pause and appreciate. Yet the truth is that each of us has the choice every single day about where to focus our attention. The world may not pause for us every single day, but we can still build gratitude into our lives on a regular basis.

There was a moment for me about seven years ago (give or take), where my life got flipped upside down. Forever changed. I felt depleted and struggled to see anything worthy of my appreciation. A wise teacher of mine urged me to look for things to be grateful towards. And to record them. Every single day.

I would call her with a laundry list of justifiable complaints and she'd listen. Patiently. And when I ran out of breath, she would ask "what are you grateful for today?"

This is where I learned the power of perspectives. And the power that comes in choosing our perspective. Interpreting our life on purpose.

I start every morning in the perspective of gratitude. Five things written down with my morning coffee. This one small practice has changed my life more than any other thing I've done. Ever.

Some days it is easier than others. But it has changed me. I see the world through a lens of what I want to capture each morning. I seek out reasons to be grateful throughout my entire day.

Today we are grateful for the hundreds of women (you) who make Inside Out. Really. Without you, our dream would be no more than an idea. It is alive in each of you.

Shine On,

Alicia Jabbar