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Weekend Leadership Intensive - February 2018

  • San Francisco, CA (map)

Do you want to achieve greater professional success AND personal fulfillment?  Do you feel “stuck” in your professional trajectory?  Are compelled to do more, reach deeper but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Inside Out Incubator is for highly ambitious women who are hungry to step into their unique leadership potential.  It’s designed to give women the opportunity to:

  1. Build a personalized leadership vision

  2. Learn the skills required to fulfill that vision

  3. Cultivate community among other high-potential women

Inside Out takes a combined approach that includes an immersive 2-day weekend workshop, peer interaction, and executive coach-led learning circles for ongoing accountability and support.  Unlike other women’s leadership forums that are filled with ideas, but fall short on action, Inside Out delivers customized learning that is practical, ongoing, and transformative. We invite you to take an active role in cultivating gender equity in leadership by unlocking the leader in YOU.

What will I learn?

  • The set of unique values that drives you

  • Roadblocks that stand in the way of your professional evolution and strategies to rise above them

  • A framework for gaining valuable perspective in any circumstance

  • How to design working relationships that speak to your strengths

  • Suggestions for building a network of allies who will support you throughout your leadership journey

The program is designed especially for women who:

  • Have a desire to become an even more effective leader

  • Are not yet executives but want access to executive-level leadership training

  • Are tired of women’s leadership seminars that are all talk and no action

What Makes The Program Unique

  • We will not bore you to death with powerpoint slides, in fact, we promise not to show you any.  Not one.

  • You will not be sitting in a chair listening to us talk at you for hours on end.  You will be doing, practicing, experimenting, learning, and having FUN.

  • We’re not going to sell you the same tired advice that you’ve already heard at other conferences and seminars on how to be successful.  We will help you discover your own, unique recipe for success.

  • We’re not going to turn you into a leader.  We contend that you already are one - of yourself, of your life, and of your work. That’s where we’ll begin.

Program Features

  • An immersive 2-day weekend workshop

  • Following the workshop, there will be 3 monthly virtual learning-circles led by certified executive coaches

  • Additionally, you will learn alongside a diverse community of highly ambitious female professionals