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Women face unique challenges on the path to leadership.  Our mission is to provide resources and skills to help leaders navigate their journey with confidence and clarity. Co-founded by two executive coaches, Inside Out brings executive-level leadership training to women who want to accelerate their growth and unlock their full potential.  Unlike other women’s leadership forums that are filled with ideas, but fall short on action, Inside Out delivers customized learning that is practical, personal, and transformative.

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One in five C-suite leaders is a woman, and fewer than one in thirty is a woman of color*


When it comes to cultivating gender equity in leadership, access to professional development at every stage is critically important.  The greatest disparity in promotion rates between men and women is in the first step up to management and the gap only widens beyond that first step. Inside Out’s programming is relevant to both aspiring and seasoned leaders. We are committed to bringing together women from diverse backgrounds and experiences to maximize the potential for peer learning and support.   


Entry-level women are 18% less likely to be promoted than their male peers*


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If entry-level women were promoted at the same rate as their male peers, the number of women at the SVP and C-suite levels would more than double*