We’re not going to turn you into a leader, we’re going to turn you on.

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You have unique gifts to share with the world.  Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned leader, our programming will challenge you to step into your highest potential.

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You want an awesome career.  We want that for you too. Inside Out delivers learning experiences that help women build confidence, clarity, and connection so that they can create their own unique path to success.


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 What makes us unique:

  • Our style is simple, we give you frameworks to achieve your professional development goals the forum to do so alongside other women. 

  • Gina and Alicia have a combined experience of over a decade of career and leadership coaching.  At every Inside Out event, you can count on the individualized support of two seasoned coaches and the immeasurable benefit of peer-to-peer learning.

  • We will focus equally on your inward and outward growth, challenging you to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career. 

  • Our programming is relevant to all women and and non-binary individuals regardless of experience, age, or organizational level


“I’m leaving feeling confident that I can design the life and career that I want and deserve and hopefully pass that empowerment along to other women”

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  • We are not your average corporate trainers.  

  • We will not bore you to death with power points and lectures >>> You will be practicing, experimenting, discussing, and having FUN.

  • We’re not going to sell you the same tired advice that you’ve already heard at other workshops and seminars on how to be successful. >>> We will help you discover your own, unique recipe for success.  



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about our personal journeys.

> Gina
> Alicia


Gina and Alicia (co-founders and resident lady bosses at Inside Out) both had winding paths before they ultimately cracked the career-satisfaction-nut. Gina was a professional actress and singer for a decade before she started her career in tech, including a 6-year run at Twitter. Alicia had done everything from running her own wedding planning business to being a farmer to having a skyrocketing career in digital advertising at Oracle.

At the height of their corporate careers, both were near the top of their organizational “ladders,” were making more money than they’d ever made, and both were inexplicably… unhappy. And they felt like privileged jerks for feeling that way.

We hadn’t met yet but we faced similar crossroads. We had a few hints about what might be possible for our lives and careers but it was vague and, frankly, seemed overly ambitious at the time. In the end, we each decided to trust our gut that there was a bigger, more fulfilling future ahead.

We both found our way into coaching and were introduced by a mutual friend. We quickly hit it off and discovered a shared interest in helping women with their careers. As newly established solo-preneurs we were daunted by the thought of always having to go it alone in business. We got excited about the prospect of co-creating something that would be relevant to ALL women, regardless of age, experience, or organizational level. Something that would supercharge women from the inside, out.

Today, we are the forces behind Inside Out Incubator. In three years, we’ve reached thousands of women with our professional development and leadership programs. Neither of us can imagine turning back to our old path.


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